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Single Login. Single Account

The Consolidated Tenders Platform allows suppliers to have one set of credentials and one account that they can use for all tendering sites powered by the Consolidated Tenders Platform.

This means that suppliers will no longer need to maintain and remember different sets of credentials for each tendering site that they use. Not only that, it means that you have:

This significantly reduces the time, effort and cost of:

Suppliers can upgrade from a standard tenant supplier account to a Premium Consolidated Tenders account. Simply go to the top of any page and click on the Go Premium button. The displayed Upgrade Now page will show you a comparison between the standard and premium account. To upgrade, click on the Upgrade Now button.

Once suppliers have upgraded to a premium account, they should choose the Consolidated Tenders item from the dropdown list above the username and password fields to ensure that they login with their premium account credentials rather than their tenant account credentials.