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Document Library

The Consolidated Tenders Site gives premium suppliers the ability to create and use an online document library. This library of documents would typically consist of documents that are either frequently used when responding to a tender or that can be used to demonstrate the supplier’s credentials and capability. Typically they would include:

The Consolidated Tenders Site document library gives suppliers the ability to:

When a supplier creates a document library, their documents are not visible to any other users, including buyers unless the supplier takes specific action to make them visible.

There are two ways that a supplier can do this:

To create a document library the supplier needs to login using a premium supplier account, then:

The screen shot below shows an example of the Document Library page.

The supplier can edit the details of a document including:

When managing their document library, the supplier can edit, move and delete any branches of their file storage hierarchy and edit, move and delete any file in the library. If a file is deleted from the file library, all references to it in the supplier’s profile will also be removed.