Frequently Asked Questions

You only require one subscription for your whole business, which includes unlimited user accounts.

No. The sub-business facility allows a holding company to create a link to their subsidiary companies. However, in the system these subsidiaries operate separately from the holding company. Each sub-businesses will therefore need to upgrade to premium separately to enjoy the benefits that this confers.

When you merge two companies together, the “Merge To” company remains and the “Merge From” company will be deleted after the data attached to it has been transferred and attached to the “Merge To” company.

For example:

Company: Maths R Us Pty Ltd has people Alan Turing, Leonardo Fibonacci and Ada Augusta. It has responded to tenders Tender A, Tender B and Tender C.

Company: Showtime Tunes Pty Ltd has people Giuseppe Verdi, Johann Bach and Richard Strauss. It has responded to Tender 1 Tender 2 and Tender 3.

After “Merge From” Company Showtime Tunes Pty Ltd into “Merge To” Maths R Us Pty Ltd,
the company Showtime Tunes Pty Ltd will no longer exist, but the company Maths R Us Pty Ltd will have the people of Alan Turing, Leonardo Fibonacci, Ada Augusta, Giuseppe Verdi, Johann Bach and Richard Strauss.
And have responded to tenders Tender A, Tender B, Tender C, Tender 1 Tender 2 and Tender 3.

No. If you merge companies, the data that belonged to the “Merge From” company will subsequently belong to the “Merge To” company. It does not delete your data.

Premium subscriptions run either from month to month or year to year, based on the selected model. If you cancel, your account will drop back to being a standard account belonging to your home site upon the end of your current, paid term. I.e. Tenders Vic or SA Tenders and Contracts.

You are not locked in at all. Premium subscriptions are month to month, or year to year, so you can stop at any time.

You can pay using Visa, American Express or Mastercard.

No. Consolidated Tenders does not store your credit card information.
All transactions are done through the Commonwealth Bank BPoint system, which is a secure card storage and payment processing system. BPoint satisfies all of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) compliance requirements.