Invite Only Tenders

Over the past 24 months 32.8% of all our tenders were Invite Only. Were you invited?

Having a complete company profile can boost your chances of being selected for exclusive tenders.

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What are Invite Only Tenders?

  • Invite only tenders are not open to all suppliers
  • Buyers only invite suppliers they think can do the job
  • They reduce the number of suppliers to interact with and therefore - reduce the competition in winning the tender
  • Buyers receive a smaller number of supplier responses
  • Invite only tenders are about convenience and cost savings for the buyer

How is that good for me?

  • Less competition means a better chance of winning
    • The average open tender is downloaded 85 times and gets 9 responses
    • The average invite only tender is downloaded 11 times and gets only 3 responses
  • Being invited to selective tenders greatly increases your chance of winning a tender because:
    • The buyer knows your capability, which is why you get invited
    • Buyers are more likely to talk to you about their requirements
    • Not all invited suppliers will respond
  • The suppliers' risk/reward calculation is greatly enhanced

How do you get invited?

  • Being invited begins with building your reputation with tender selectors as a "preferred and trusted supplier"
  • Having a completed company profile greatly increases your chances to be invited
  • Having up to date information about your business and its offerings makes you an attractive supplier
  • Buyers invite suppliers that can deliver, because:
    • They know you or know your reputation
    • They know your capabilities and delivery history
  • Stand out to buyers with your Company Profile
  • Make finding you easy by having one consolidated account across all sites
  • Tell buyers what skills, equipment, licences, certifications, and history of delivery you bring
  • Every word in your Company Profile is keyword searchable
  • Buyers can be extremely specific when searching for suppliers
  • The more you tell buyers about you, the greater your chance of being found

How do you complete your company profile?

  • The first step is to upgrade your account to premium, unlocking these features. It only takes a few moments and the first month is FREE!
  • Build a comprehensive and brilliant Company Profile, searchable by all buyers across Australia
  • Mark your business locations on our supplier map
  • Merge all of your accounts. (If you have multiple accounts, the buyer finds your main account, but accidentally invites the old, unused account, with incorrect contact details, then in effect you were not invited.)
  • Upload case studies, insurance certificates, key personnel CVs, equipment specifications etc to your document library.
  • Ensure that in your descriptions of equipment, licences, accreditations, projects, awards etc that you are very specific about technical details, such as equipment, techniques, methods or technology used. Remember, every word of your profile is indexed, and every word is keyword searchable by buyers.
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