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What is Consolidated Tenders

The Consolidated Tenders Platform

The Consolidated Tenders Platform is a multi-tenant ‘Software as a Service’ that powering online tendering portals of multiple state, territory and local governments.

States working cooperatively to build a common tendering platform has lots of benefits for all:

It is analogous to an online banking system, where everybody uses the same banking application, but only sees their own data.

When you go to you see the branding of Tenders SA and the content of Tenders SA. When you go to you see the branding of Buying for Victoria and the content of Buying for Victoria.

All of the tenant site’s data appears on the aggregate site


What is a Tenant?

A tenant is a group of buyers who buy under the auspices of an overarching organisation or contracting body. This could be a government jurisdiction, and association or industry peak body. Typically, Consolidated Tenders tenants are state governments or local government associations.

Each tenant has their own branded online tendering site. For example, the Government of South Australia has, while the Government of Victoria has

A buyer will have an account on their tenant’s site. All the approaches to market that the buyer publishes will appear on the tenant’s site. Additionally, they will also appear on the Consolidated Tenders Site.


The Consolidated Tenders Site

The Consolidated Tenders Platform is the primary source of all data used by the associated tendering websites and the Consolidated Tenders site. This allows the Consolidated Tenders Site to provide a single website containing all data on the associated tendering sites.

This means that we can give you

As the data is on the Consolidated Tenders Platform, as soon as any buyer updates any detail on a tenant website or Consolidated Tenders, it is updated on the Consolidated Tenders Platform.