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Merge Business

Once you have upgraded your account to become a premium supplier, you can use that account to log in to any tendering website powered by the Consolidated Tenders Platform. You are then able to take all the accounts that you have on all of the tendering sites (you’d be surprised how many orphaned accounts you find once you are able to see them) and merge them into one single account.

Merging all of your accounts from the tendering sites powered by the Consolidated Tenders Platform into one allows you to retain all your tendering history, maintain your account and presenting to all governments using one online presence.

The system lets you merge any two tendering accounts with the same ABN.

To merge accounts:

Selecting the Merge Accounts will take you to the Merge Accounts tool. This tool will step you through the process of merging two accounts. These accounts can be from the same tendering site or from different tendering sites.

The merge steps are:

Step 1   Select the account that you want to merge into the account that you are currently logged into.

Step 2   Enter the username and password of the principal user for the merge from account.

Step 3   Use the merge field data selector to nominate on a data field by data field basis whether the data in the merge from or merge to accounts is retained.

Step 4   Press the Complete Non-Reversible Merge button.

Once you have merged the company accounts you can merge all of the subsidiary details under a company: people; addresses; phone numbers; email addresses. To do this you choose the locations, people options from the merge menu and follow a similar process.